SFPA Action Grants

SFPA Action Grants fund volunteer engagement and community actions to improve and encourage use of San Francisco parks, recreation centers, and open spaces.  These grants are intended to support actions that will involve your neighborhood and be consistent with our mission. The 2014 Action Grant application is now available!
Our areas of interest for this grant include:

  • Supporting events and campaigns to recruit and involve volunteers in stewardship projects
  • Supporting educational programming in public outdoor spaces, including youth, nature, and environmental education programming
  • Activating public spaces to build community, and awareness of community needs
  • Making physical improvements to parks, recreation centers, and public open spaces
  • Purchasing supplies and equipment needed for recreational programming

Please refer to our list of projects funded through the 2013 Action Grants round for examples and details.

Download 2014 application!  Deadline for submission: April 25, 2014, 5 pm. Funded projects and our Volunteer of the Year will be announced in June.