Playground Report Card

Objective Grading of our City's Playgrounds  |  Data to support park priorities

San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) and the Recreation and Park Department (RPD) survey public playgrounds every two years for safety and maintenance. Results are published in a Playground Report Card. The Report Card helps determine which playgrounds are in the worst condition and in need of the most attention. Through advocacy and community volunteerism, the Playground Initiative works to upgrade or replace these needy playgrounds. The Playground Report Card informs many of SFPA's advocacy and stewardship activities, and also has played a major role in capital renovations and planning for both the 2008 and 2012 Park Bonds.

2014 Playground Reassessment Report
In partnership with Recreation and Parks Department staff, Parks Alliance staff and volunteers re-assessed 33 failing playgrounds and published a Playground Reassessment Report in April 2014. In Fall 2014, the Parks Alliance will publish a "State of the Playgrounds" report wrapping up the work of the Failing Playgrounds Task Force and examining best practices in playground design, both here in San Francisco and nationwide. A fully-updated Playground Report Card is planned for 2015.

2012 Playground Report Card
The 2012 survey (123 playgrounds total) found a citywide-average playground grade of "B" (82%), as compared to "B" (83%) in 2010 and "C+" (79%) in 2008. The playground surveys show a considerable improvement in citywide playground quality over time.

2010 Playground Report Card
125 public playgrounds were graded in Spring 2010 by both RPD staff and community volunteers.The results are published in the 2010 Playground Report Card. Over 10 playgrounds identified as needing major repairs in the 2008 Playground Report Card have since been renovated. An additional four playground sites are currently under construction. Moreover, the Playground Initiative held volunteer workdays at 24 C, D, and F grade playgrounds in 2008 and 2009 that resulted in significant improvements. Sixteen D and F grade playground remain, down from 26 in 2008. Click here for a map of all the 2010 playground grades!

2008 Playground Report Card
Spring 2008 was an exciting season for the Playground Initiative, as we completed our goal of evaluating each and every RPD playground in San Francisco. The data forms the basis for the 2008 Playground Report Card. The averaged survey results, which take into account factors such as equipment conditions, fall surfacing, signage, and wood surface treatment, indicated that over half of the 125 assessed playgrounds scored a grade of A or B. 45% scored C or lower, with 21% of the playgrounds considered to be “failing” (D or F). Click here to find your playground’s 2008 grade and see a map of grades citywide.

2006 Playground Report Card
Our predecessor Neighborhood Parks Council published the first Playground Report Card in 2006.