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Kenneth and Dolorous Knight at the parkGifts that have come to San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) through bequests and estate planning have made tremendous impact on San Francisco’s parks. For example, SFPA Park Action Grants are made possible in part by a generous bequest from the estate of Dolorous Knight, a long-time San Franicsco Park lover.  We would be glad to answer questions you may have planning a gift to San Francisco Parks Alliance whether it be how to start writing or revising your will or estate plan or establishing a gift that pays you.


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For Planned Giving and Legacy Circle information, contact Stephanie Linder at 415.621.3260 x108.

Dolorous Knight

In 2004, a real estate agent noticed Dolorous Knight, age 90, outside her Excelsior District home washing her car. “She felt she had to meet that woman,” Deda Divine, Dolorous' niece, recalled. At the time, Dolorous was sole caretaker of her husband, Kenneth, a retired sales executive of construction equipment, who passed the following year.

Dolorous had a passion for peace, quiet and order, frequently retreating to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park and her neighborhood library. “She was very calm and liked things very quiet,” Deda said of her aunt. The Knights “traveled extensively but otherwise lived frugally” and their estate plan reflected their penchant for peace and quiet, and the accumulated results of their frugality.

When Dolorous died in June 2012 at the age of 98, the Knight estate left bequests to several charities including the San Francisco Parks Alliance. When she arrived in the Bay Area from North Dakota by train in 1933, Dolorous was met by her cousin and his friend, Kenneth Knight, with whom she married ten years later. She worked as a secretary and office manager at Foster & Kleiser Advertising for 42 years. The Knights lived in their Excelsior District home after their wedding for 62 years, she for 69 years. The San Francisco Parks Alliance is honored to list Dolorous and Kenneth Knight as members of the Parks Alliance Legacy Circle.