Setting Goals for San Francisco's Playgrounds: A Community Design Forum

On February 28th 2015, The Parks Alliance and The Recreation and Parks Department co-hosted a Community Design Forum to set design goals for future playground renovations. Steve Cancian, of Shared Spaces facilitated the conversation. The agenda can be found here.

 G Cody QJ Goldberg, Executive Director of Harpers Playground in Portland Oregon opened the Forum with a presentation (available here) on Harpers Playground and inclusive play. Parks Alliance staff also presented (presentation here) to give an overview of playground trends and to show examples of innovative playgrounds across the world.


Julia Brashares and Sonia Suresh from the Parks Alliance 

Cody Goldberg presents

 Participants worked in groups to prioritize playground trends using flashcards and presented their results

Nature Play and Risk Play were prioritized the highest by the Forum participants. Multigenerational play and Inclusive play were also considered high priority. More details on the Forum results can be found in the notes here. Additional pictures can be viewed on our Flickr.

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