Supervisor Candidate Forums

Each election year, SFPA hosts supervisorial candidate forums that focus specifically on public space.  In 2012, we partnered with Walk San Francisco and Friends of the Urban Forest in hosting these successful forums, with the goal of giving you the opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s knowledge of and positions on parks, recreation, walkability and urban forestry. Through 6 forums, approximately 150 San Franciscans came out to learn more about their candidates.  You can find minutes and photos to the forums below.

District 1 Forum:  Minutes | Photos 

District 3 Forum:  Minutes | Photos 

District 5 Forum:  Minutes | Photos 

District 7 Forum:  Minutes | Photos 

District 9 Town Hall:  Minutes | Photos 

District 11 Town Hall:  Minutes | Photos 

"Park Friendly" Candidates

As a part of our Candidate Forums/Town Halls, we sent all candidates a Park Friendly Questionnaire.


What is the “Park Friendly” rating?


To be considered as Park Friendly, Candidates must submit a completed questionnaire and provide specific, thoughtful and informed solutions for issues affecting San Francisco’s Park System. Park Friendly ratings are given to candidates who demonstrate thoughtfulness and detail in their answers and are willing to engage in the policy issues facing parks.


SFPA may not fully agree with or may have different positions on issues described by park friendly candidates.


SFPA does not endorse or oppose any candidate for elected office. Park Friendly ratings should not be construed as endorsements.


What was SFPA’s process to determine the Park Friendly rating?


All Board of Supervisor Candidates participating in elections for Districts 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 were invited to participate in SFPA’s Park Friendly rating. Candidates were asked to complete and return SFPA’s Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire.  Following questionnaire submissions, SFPA’s Board Policy Committee, joined by staff, carefully evaluated each candidate’s responses to questions related to their commitment to park volunteers, access to playgrounds, addressing park maintenance needs and operating budget shortfalls.  Candidates were rated on the specificity and thoughtfulness of their responses. 



Is the Park Friendly rating an endorsement of candidates?


SFPA’s Park Friendly ratings are not an endorsement of candidates.  A Park Friendly rating is an indicator that an individual seeking to serve in an elected capacity has thought about and studied issues facing our park system and is open to working with park volunteers and advocates to improve our parks. Some candidates did not submit questionnaires, and therefore were not considered. Some candidates did submit questionnaires, but we were not able to determine their position on park issues.  These candidates did not receive Park Friendly ratings.


Based on the Questionnaires that were submitted, we rated the following candidates as Park Friendly:


District 1

David Lee

Eric Mar


District 7

Joel Engardio

Norman Yee


District 5

London Breed

Christina Olague


District 3

David Chiu


District 11

John Avalos