10 Perfect Mother's Day Hikes

1. Moraga Tiled Steps to Grand View Park

(Photo by Duncan Calvert)

This secluded Sunset district gem takes you up 163 stunning mosaic tiled steps from 16th Avenue to Grand View Park, created by over 300 community members in 2005. Upon arrival to the top, you're rewarded with a view of the last strip of Sunset houses on the beach to the west, Mt. Diablo to the east, and Mt. Tam to the north - Karl (the Fog) permitting. Find hike >

Distance: 1/2 mile loop

2. McLaren Park's Philosopher's Trail Loop

(photo by EJB)

San Francisco's second largest park has been experiencing a renaissance over the past few years, resulting in spectacular activities and trails like Philosopher's Way - born 2013. This trail loops you around the perimeter of the park, leading you through beautiful vistas of the Bay, eucalyptus and cypress groves, and sunny meadows. Dog friendly! Find hike >

Distance: 2.7 miles

3. Filbert Steps

(Photo by Stephan Ango)

Ground zero for the wonderfully eclectic Parrots of Telegraph Hill, this steep stroll offers amazing views with a great cardio workout! On your way up to Coit Tower, find lush gardens in nooks and crannies along the way, see the Humphrey Bogart cutout on the art deco Malloch Building, and take in the rest of the stunning views. And keep an eye out for the parrots! Find hike >

Distance Steps: 1/5 mile loop

4. Creeks to Peaks: Glen Canyon Park to Twin Peaks Summit

(Photo by Hira Zahir)

These two park treasures were recently connected by an extended green beltway to create one of the best urban hiking experiences in SF! As you make your way through Glen Canyon Park keep an eye out for Redhawks, owls, banana slugs, as well as the the only publicly accessible creek in San Francisco. Once you reach Twin Peaks summit, take in one of the most rewarding views in the Bay! Find hike >

Distance: 1.8 miles

5. Lands End

(Photo by Inna Markosvka)

An old time San Francisco favorite. Check out Sutro Baths, the infamous rock labyrinth, and 1.5 miles of Golden Gate Bridge views. After the hike, head up to Legion of Honor or continue onward to Ocean Beach! Find hike > 

Distance: 3.5 mile loop

6. Heron's Head Hike

(Photo Hannah Russel-Goodson)

The beauty of the Blue Greenway (13 miles of forthcoming parkway from Candlestick Point to AT&T Park) is at its best at Heron's Head Park. This short and sweet trail on the southeastern waterfront offers a bay front experience perfect for observing the more than 100 species of birds in the area. The site is also home to the EcoCenter, an environmental education center. Find hike >

Distance: 1.5 mile loop

7. Bernal Hill

(Photo by Dakota Dorn)

One of the biggest off-leash areas in San Francisco, Bernal Hill includes a 360 panorama view of the city, great for sight seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, the San Bruno Mountains, and watching Twin Peaks succumb to the afternoon fog. Don't forget to check out the new swing atop the summit! Find hike >

Distance: 1 mile loop

8. Mt. Sutro Loop

(Photo by Dennis Belogorsky)

Hard work from our park partner Sutro Stewards has revived this glorious San Francisco forest, with multiple trails that take you up and around the Eucalyptus mountain. Hear over 45 species of bird chirping, pass the spring wildflowers, and find the unique wood sculptures along the way. On a foggy day you can walk through the clouds. Find hike >

Distance: 2 mile loop

9. Batteries to Bluffs

(Photo by Ray Bouknight)

A go-to hike for those new to San Francisco, this Presidio bayside hike offers unrivaled views with plenty of history along the way. As you stroll up and down the stairs on the the edge of the Pacific, stop by Baker and Marshall's Beach, learn about the abandoned gun batteries, and take in an up close and personal view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. Find hike >

Distance: 2.3 mile loop

10. Mission Creek Trails

(Photo by Jes Muse)

This peaceful stroll is a gem on the north side of the Blue Greenway and is sure to receive more traffic with the forthcoming Warriors Arena. Find the fun boathouses and paddle boarders as you hike along the hidden creekside paths. Find hike >

Distance: 1 mile