Press: Strawberry Hill restoration project

Our Strawberry Hill habitat restoration project got some well-deserved notice in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle, including a photograph of lepidopterist Liam O'Brien giving a lecture on San Francisco's butterflies. From the article: "Strawberry Hill is, as butterfly aficionado Liam O'Brien puts it, a 'singles bar' for butterflies.

October newsletter: Park hours, stewardship and lots of events!

This month's focus is on park hours legislation currently in front of the Board of Supervisors -- we're asking our friends and supporters to contact Supervisors to urge them to support instituting uniform park hours across the city. In other news, our Strawberry Hill habitat restoration program celebrated its third anniversary, and McLaren Park gets some much deserved attention! Click here to get updated >>>>

Introducing . . . Emerald Park!

San Francisco Parks Alliance and the Emerald Fund Spearhead Stewardship and Design of New, Innovative Park
Newly Formed Emerald Park to Benefit San Franciscans Forever at No Cost to City


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