San Francisco’s parks and green open spaces are deserving of a world-class, independent nonprofit organization which holds the vision for our parks, aligns community needs and civic engagement with accountable City government management, and supports parks improvement through philanthropic investments.

The ongoing lack of adequate public funding and the corresponding decline in park conditions and amenities highlighted the need for a nonprofit organization which could facilitate the collaboration between residents and the City to improve parks and raise the visibility of parks and recreation as a vital public service. Increasingly, the City is also in need of a strong, independent partner to engage in on-going planning and policy development related to public lands and to bring best practices and solutions into the public dialogue on parkland.

Within this context, the two leading parks-serving organizations, Neighborhood Parks Council and San Francisco Parks Trust, joined forces in October 2011 to form the new San Francisco Parks Alliance. This new organization represents combined experience in philanthropy, advocacy, park and open space policy, and community mobilizing.