Our New Office

In October of 2014, the Parks Alliance left its longtime home in Hayes Valley for a new office right on the border of SoMa and the Mission. Featuring great views, and more importantly an increase in square footage, our new headquarters represents a big step up in stature for the organization, both figuratively and physically. But we had a lot of help to get where we are: Michael Hennessey was with us from the beginning as our consulting architect, developing the layout and floor plan, and moonlighting as our interior decorating advisor. He was an invaluable part of the move, and we can't thank him enough.

One of the favorite elements of the new space is our wallpaper, which feature photos of parks and open space from across San Francisco. We like to see it as a way of bringing the parks into the office. There are a few people we have to thank for making this possible: professional photographers Stephen Kane and Margo Bors donated some wonderful photos from their portfolios. And our very own Steve Bowles trekked around the city to be sure it's diversity was well represented.

The common denominator in all this was Craig Dawson, who's Media Solutions developed and printed all of these photos for hanging. We would not be able to admire these beautiful prints if it were not for his dedication and hard work, so thanks very much to Craig. Finally, we still needed to get this wallpaper mounted, and we found our man in Marc Vallat. A true Master Paperhanger, Marc expertly dealt with our various and ever-changing preferences, and delivered a final product that all parties involved would be proud to call their work. We have included links to works or webpages of all said artists below, so please take the time to check out their work! There are also a few snapshots of our new office--enjoy!

               Michael Hennessey Architecture

               Media Solutions

               S.M. Kane Photography

               Margo Bors

               Steve Bowles

               Marc P. Vallat