Drew Becher
Chief Executive Officer
415.621.3260 x106
Direct: 415.801.4154

Amanda Montez
Director of Programs
415.621.3260 x114
Direct: 415.801.4159

Bonnie Bergeron
North Area Manager
415.621.3260 x105
Direct: 415.801.4152

Brooke Ray

Brooke Ray Rivera
Director of Place Lab
415.621.3260 x127
Direct: 415.906.6238

Charlie McCone
Marketing and Communications Manager
415.621.3260 x108
Direct: 415.801.4155

Claude Imbault
Associate Director of Partner Experience
415.621.3260 x121
Direct: 415.830.4614

Julia Ayeni

Julia Ayeni
Place Lab Program Manager
415.621.3260 x125
Direct: 415.906.6235

Kaitlin Strange
Associate Director of Planning & Project
Delivery Experience
415.621.3260 x118
Direct: 415.801.4163

Kearstin Krehbiel

Kearstin Krehbiel
Director of Citywide Public Space Initiative
415.621.3260 x119
Direct: 415.801.4164

Luke Spray

Luke Spray
Associate Director of Citywide Public Space Initiative
415.621.3260 x109
Direct: 909.289.3655

Madeline Porter
Program & Grants Manager
415.621.3260 x102
Direct: 415.801.4150

Marissa Alexander
Southwest Area Manager
415.621.3260 x101
Direct: 415.801.4149

Mark Bonsignore

Mark Bonsignore
Place Lab Program Manager
415.621.3260 x124
Direct: 415.551.7603/415.906.6234

Mark Hennon

Mark Hennon
Public Space Initiative/Place Lab Project Manager
415.621.3260 x122
Direct: 415.906.6231

Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy
Membership and Special Events Manager
415.621.3260 x123
Direct: 415.906.6232

Neal Nuttbrock
Program Liaison & Office Culture Coordinator
415.621.3260 x112
Direct: 415.801.4158

Oscar Garcia
Development Associate
415.621.3260 x115
Direct: 415.801.4160

Paula Martin
Development Operations Manager
415.621.3260 x116
Direct: 415.801.4161

Rebecca Liang
Accounting Assistant
415.621.3260 x104
Direct: 415.801.4151

Sonia Gonzalez Banks
Interim Director of Development
415.621.3260 x107
Direct: 415.830.5568

Uriel Hernandez

Uriel Hernandez
Southeast Area Manager
415.621.3260 x126
Direct: 415.906.6237

Office Chihuahua, Emeritus

Miss Cleo
Rescue Chihuahua