Dorothy Erskine Park

A nice hidden spot, this mostly forested Natural Area is approximately 1.5 acres in size. Most of the remnant plant areas and important wildlife habitats are associated with the grassland and mixed exotic forests on the steep north-facing slopes, which are inaccessible because of a safety fence at the top of the slope. There is one main trail and access route through the Natural Area that appears to be in relatively good condition. This small Natural Area offers outstanding City views, recreational opportunities, a diverse native grassland and scrub habitats, and urban forest areas. Also a great place to bring your dogs; however, there aren't any benches to sit down on.

Dedicated in 1979, the park was named after Dorothy Erskine (b. 1896 - d. 1982), founder of both SPUR and the Greenbelt Alliance.

Dorothy Erskine Park is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

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Additional Info

Muni access:

Transit options to Dorothy Erskine Park are scarce. The only line servicing the area is the 44-O'Shaughnessy.

Take the 44, and off-board at Bosworth and Elk Street. Near the bus stop, Bosworth and Congo split apart. Follow Congo up a slight hill, around to the left and to Martha Avenue. Head down Martha (you will be traveling south, and it's downhill), past Stillings Ave., and you will see the park in the distance. The access point is at the end of Martha.

If you're coming from other parts of town:

Sunset -- N-Judah to 9th and Judah, transfer to the 44 outbound (Keith & Evans).

Downtown -- K/L/M/T lines to Forest Hill; go up to street level to transfer to the 44 outbound (Keith & Evans).

If you're coming from the northern part of the city (Western Addition, Richmond, Pacific Heights, etc.), take the 38-Geary to 6th Ave. and Geary, or the 31-Balboa at 6th Ave. and Balboa, and transfer to the 44 (outbound/Keith & Evans) bus.