Emerald Park

Residents of San Francisco's fast-growing Rincon Hill neighborhood were thrilled in July 2013 to learn that the Emerald Fund -- developer of the 326-unit Rincon Green Apartments at 333 Harrison St. -- had agreed to keep the half-acre of open space in front of the building a park forever, at no cost to the city.

Through a legal mechanism known as a conservation easement, the Emerald Fund relinquishes its development rights to the site, and dedicates it to serve as a park open to the public. The Emerald Fund also commits to maintain the park in its current pristine condition. The easement authorizes the Parks Alliance to act as steward of the park, and ensure it remains publicly accessible and well-maintained. The conservation easement is irrevocable, ensuring that Emerald Park will remain open to the public forever. 

A play structure is currently (August 2013) being installed at the site.

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