Eureka Valley Playground & Rec. Center

The playground and field were renovated in February 2006. There is a baseball diamond and tennis courts, not to mention a dog run where canines gather and socialize. The rec center has a basketball court and bathrooms open to the public. There is also a children's play area in the rec center that is well-equipped to keep kids occupied and active.

Facility Contact: (415) 831-6810

Eureka Valley Playground and Rec. Center is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

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Muni access:

24-Divisidero -- Castro and 19th Street; walk one block west to the park.

35-Eureka (inbound) -- Eureka and 19th Street; walk one block east to the park.

Eureka Valley Recreation Center is a two-story concrete building constructed in 1954 by Appleton & Wolfard Architects. It is bordered by 18th, Diamond, 19th and Collingwood Streets. The building sits north of an outdoor park area that includes a tennis court, a basketball court, a children's playground, a pedestrian path, and a small baseball field.

The original 16,500 square foot building contained a gymnasium, a mezzanine, an auditorium, a small activity room, and offices. However, the community's heavy use of the building and competing demands for space required the building to expand to 20,050 square feet to accommodate a new teen center, an larger lobby, larger activity room, and two new meeting rooms. In addition, the auditorium, the gym, and the mezzanines were all remodeled. Now, various community groups can use the building for specific purpose instead of competing for the same space.

A unique feature is the addition of a new teen center that provides support and guidance to community youth and provides a space where young men and women now call 'our space' . Another new feature is a brand new playground with modern play equipment that is enclosed by a low decorative fence for the enjoyment of toddlers and young children. The playground's safety surface design is based on the story of the 'wizard of oz' complete with its own yellow brick road pattern.

The project is the result of the cooperative effort between the recreation and park department, public works, and various city agencies. Supervisor Bevan Dufty served as community liaison and facilitated a number of inter-agency and community meeting

Group Activities
Call (415) 831-6810 for more information about kid activities