Larsen Park and Sava Pool

Larsen Park features a play structure, tennis and basketball courts, an open area, and the indoor Sava Pool, which reopened in 2008.

Sava Pool telephone number: (415) 753-7000.

Larsen Park is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

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Additional Info

Between Wawona and Ulloa. Street parking is generally available once you're off 19th.

Muni access:

L-Taraval -- 19th Ave. and Taraval, walk one block south for the playfields, three blocks for the pool.

28-19th Avenue -- 19th Ave. and Ulloa, Vicente or Wawona.

Call 415.753.7000 for more information about swim lessons and recreational swim times.

Recreational swim: Friday 6:30pm-8pm; Saturday 1pm-2pm; Sunday 12:30pm-2pm, and otherwise it's lap swim.
-Two-week swim classes are offered for children over 48' tall.
Call to verify