Marina Green

Marina Green is a perfect place for any activity that can be done on grass since there are acres of grass to enjoy. It's a great location for dog walkers, runners, parents with infants, sports players, cyclists, roller bladers etc! You can usually find a pick up game of some sort (such as soccer or frisbee) if you're into sports. Since San Francisco is a very windy city, Marina Green is prime location to fly a kite or have kite fights! (Google kite fights if you don't know what that is) Kite surfing is also a popular pastime here--but only for the fearless! Picnics are never a bad idea and Marina Green is a reputable spot for a picnic. Spread the blanket out and have fun with your family or special someone right on the water front! This location offers the views priceless views of the San Francisco Bay and the Marin headlands.

Additional Info

Muni access: 22-Fillmore -- Fillmore and Jefferson stop, walk one block north. 28-19th Ave. -- Exit at Fort Mason Safeway, walk west along Marina Blvd.; the park will be on the right. 30-Stockton -- Exit at Jefferson and Divisidero, walk north one block to Marina Blvd. and east to the park. Additionally, you can take the 47 or 49 Van Ness buses to Van Ness and Chestnut Sts., then transfer to the 30-Stockton bus. REMEMBER to bring a light sweater or wind breaker because it gets cold by the Marina! You can generally find parking around the Green, unless it's Saturday or Sunday. There are many restaurants and coffee shops in the area that are worth going to! The Marina District is the area just off the north slope of Pacific Heights along the bay. From east to west the area is bordered by Van Ness Avenue and Lyon Street. From the southern end the district is bordered by Vallejo and extends all the way down, with the bay being it's northern border. Prior to the 1906 earthquake, the Marina was mostly marshland and dunes making it impossible to build on. After the earthquake, the area was used as a dumping ground for a good portion of the ruins and rubble that was left in the aftermath of the quake. When San Francisco was granted of honor of hosting the world's fair in 1915, the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the rock and rubble were transformed into an unstable foundation for the event. After the fair ended, the area was cleared out leaving only one of the main exposition buildings, the Palace of Fine Arts, as a sign that the fair had been there. With the foundation already laid from the world's fair, the city started to realize the potential for the waterfront area and began building, transforming the former marshland into an upscale and affluent neighborhood. Because the area had been built on such an unstable foundation, the earthquake in 1989 had a devastating effect. However, being that the area still boasted prime real estate, developers began rebuilding. - Group Activities The Family Day Kite Festival is held every year on the Marina Green. Website is