Merced Manor Reservoir

The Merced Manor Reservoir has been recently renovated that improved its infrastructure. Pay a visit to see a good example of modern infrastructure management. The reservoir is owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Additional Info

Muni access: 23-Monterey: 21st and Sloat 28/28L-19th Ave.: 19th and Sloat; walk three blocks west. The Merced Manor Reservoir Upgrade project was completed in Spring 2006. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has completed structural and seismic improvements for the Merced Manor Reservoir located on Ocean Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Avenues in San Francisco. Built in 1936, the Merced Manor Reservoir has become prone to damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire and everyday use. The project seismically strengthened the reservoir by adding concrete shear walls, beam, and concrete footings. It also addressed other areas such as crack repairs, sealing of the reservoir roof, replacement of the expansion joints and cover plates, access and water quality improvements for sampling and disinfection, drainage, concrete repair of spalled roof soffit, joists and beams. Also included in this work were security upgrades and replacement of the existing reservoir lining, inlet/outlet valve repairs, removal of sediments, and disinfection and chlorination upon completion. In June 1997, San Francisco voters approved two bond measures that provided $300 million for upgrades to the water supply and distribution system to ensure the safety and reliability of the City's drinking water and fire protection. The Merced Manor Reservoir upgrade will cost approximately $5.5 million and will be paid for through the bond measure funds. 

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