Muriel Leff Mini Park

Muriel Leff Mini Park is a small but beautiful green space, a great addition to any neighborhood. It's a great place to stop and rest under a tree in the shade, at one of its benches, or eat lunch at its picnic table. The park includes a small sandbox and a unique art sculpture.

Muriel Leff Mini Park is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

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Additional Info

Muni access:

38/38L-Geary -- 6th Ave. and Geary, walk one block west to 7th Avenue, then south towards Anza one-half block.

44-O'Shaughnessy -- 6th Ave. and Anza, walk one block west on Anza to 7th Ave., then north towards Geary one-half block.

Park Groups
Friends of Muriel Leff Pocket Park
Alexander Leff
(415) 531-3659

Alternative Names
Anza Mini Park, Muriel Leff & 7th Avenue Mini Park