Peter Macchiarini (Kearny St.) Steps

A very popular tourist destination, the Kearny Street Steps aren't necessarily green; however, they do provide an incredible view of the city! The base of the steps are at Broadway, between Enrico's and the Green Tortoise. They extend up past Fresno Street and end at Vallejo Street. From Vallejo and Kearny you can get a view of downtown. The Kearny Street Steps are owned by the Department of Public Works.

Additional Info

*The stairway was named in 2001 for Peter Macchiarini (b.1909 - d.2001), an Italian-American modernist sculpture and jeweler who owned a studio on Grant Avenue. *Recommended at sunset! *The Kearny Street Steps can be briefly seen in the 1968 movie 'Bullitt,' in the scene where Lt. Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) walks across Broadway to Enrico's to visit an informant. ============ Muni access: The 8X-Bayshore Express, 10-Townsend, 12-Folsom, and 41-Union all have stops in the vicinity, either at the Columbus/Broadway/Grant intersection or the Columbus/Pacific/Kearny intersection. From Columbus/Broadway/Grant, walk one block east on Broadway. From Columbus/Pacific/Kearny, walk one block north on Kearny (slightly uphill; you can see the base of the steps in the distance). There are no close transit options for the top of the stairs at Kearny and Vallejo Streets. The best option is to take either the 30-Stockton, 41-Union or the 45-Union/Stockton to Washington Square, then walk east along Union Street (the south border of Washington Square) to Kearny, then make a right and head south on Kearny to Vallejo. The 39-Coit Tower bus has a stop at Union and Kearny, and can be picked up at Fisherman's Wharf and along Powell Street. You can also take any Muni Metro subway train (J/K/L/M/N/T) to the Montgomery Street station, and enjoy a walk through the bustling Financial District along either Montgomery or Kearny Streets. Alternative Names Kearny Street Steps

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