Potrero Gateway Loop

The culmination of four community design meetings with Bionic Landscape in 2013 is a conceptual design for Potrero Gateway Loop.   Located in Potrero Hill between 18th and 17th Streets, Vermont and San Bruno Streets, the components of this design, a living wall, micro-businesses under the freeway overpass and a serpentine meadow with paths and seating will result in a new and exciting urban park.

Potrero Gateway Park

The Potrero Gateway Loop steering committee is working with DPW and Caltrans to determine the requirements for encroachment permits to transfer the management of the 101 to DPW and the community.  This phase of the project requires fundraising for schematic design work to accompany the permit application.

The conceptual design can be seen on http://potrerogatewaypark.org/the-plan

Please help us raise money for the schematic design work at:  Donate to Potrero Gateway Park: The Loop.

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