Presidio Blvd

Enter The Presidio through this entrance at Presidio Blvd and Pacific Ave. There, your nice Sunday drive will turn into a spectacular Sunday drive. As you enter the park, you are greeted by great big trees that border the road. The drive seems endless because the trees don't stop, however, once the road ends at Lincoln Blvd, you're going to wish the road was endless.

There are many roads that connect from Presidio Blvd that are worth exploring. Eventually you should make your way towards the Golden Gate Bridge, the landmark that defines San Francisco.

Presidio Boulevard is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

Additional Info

Muni access:

The 43-Masonic bus goes right along Presidio Boulevard, but does not stop along the way. The closest stops are Jackson Street and Presidio Avenue to the south and at Presidio Blvd. and Simonds Loop on the north end.

The 3-Jackson bus terminates its outbound route at the Jackson/Presidio intersection.

There are also many other things to do in the Presidio such as The Palace of Fine Arts/Exploratorium or the Presidio Amatury Park, a cute little playground located at the Amatury Loop at Park Blvd.