Rock Outcropping

If you're visiting Grand View Park, be sure to stop by this really cool rock outcropping that is down the street-- it runs along 14th Avenue.

The Rock Outcropping is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

Additional Info

Muni access:

The 56-Rutland is the chief mode of transit along Rutland Street, where the gardens are located. Exit points are at Tioga, Campbell, Arleta and Raymond Avenues.

From downtown, catch either of the 8X, 8AX, 9, or 9L buses to San Bruno Ave. and Wilde Street. You can walk to Rutland or catch the 56 bus at Wilde and Brussels.

In addition, you can take the T-Third Street rail line to the Arleta Ave. station, then walk two fairly long blocks west to Rutland.