Far Out West Dune Community Garden

The Far Out West Garden is a community effort dedicated to creating a productive urban farm and outdoor classroom to serve the Outer Sunset neighborhood and all of San Francisco. The garden is in an ideal space for gardening; the surrounding high walls that block salty ocean winds and the garden's southern facing orientation both create an ideal mini-microclimate for gardening in the Outer Sunset. The garden plan includes a total of ten boxed beds and a wall of vertical gardens, offering planting space to everyone in the neighborhood, along with a shed and a greenhouse. The group plans to use only organic gardening techniques and water wise irrigation practices. The garden will be a zero waste space. Far Out West has already begun hosting educational programs for the children of nearby Sunset Youth Services, and they're now featuring workshops for curious minds of all ages in a variety of subjects at the bimonthly work parties. Once proper infrastructure is in place and the garden is producing surplus food, the group hopes to organize neighborhood soup kitchen days to feed the hungry.

Donate to this wonderful project online or send a check directly to the San Francisco Parks Alliance with "Far Out West Dune Community Garden" in the memo line.

Visit the garden's websiteFacebook page, and Twitter profile to learn more!