Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship Services, community mobilizing, and fundraising expertise for park groups

The San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) provides fiscal sponsorship to community groups whose missions align with SFPA’s own values. As a fiscal sponsor, SFPA enables community groups to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Since most grant-makers fund organizations, but not individuals, fiscal sponsorship helps groups raise money without having to go through the complicated process of starting their own nonprofit. SFPA staff also assist with project management, fundraising consultation, marketing, grant review, and insurance needs as appropriate.

Current Fiscal Sponsorship
SFPA staff will work with new groups to determine if fiscal sponsorship is needed and if SFPA and the group are a good fit. There is an application process and once approval is granted, the group enters into a legal contract with SFPA. An administrative fee is charged to help cover the cost of staff time and overhead. SFPA currently fiscally sponsors over one hundred park partners. Our Park Partners are a diverse group ranging in focus from community engagement, to gardens and urban agriculture, to capital renovation projects, to ongoing programs and events. While we have established best practices for the program, we seek to meet the needs of each individual group. For a list of current SFPA Park Partners, please visit our Park Partner Index.

SFPA’s project management oversight, training and support increase a group’s ability to achieve success. In addition to offering the standard accounting and insurance services of fiscal agents, SFPA staff may provide the following optional services to groups:

-Helping them organize, and attending their project meetings
-Establishing and sustaining relationships with City departments and elected officials
-Creating mentorship opportunities between more seasoned groups and new groups
-Executing contracts between contractors hired by groups, including landscape architects, muralists and general contractors
-Instructing groups in community engagement tactics
-Testifying at Commission and Board of Supervisors hearings in support of projects
-Accessing in-kind and pro bono services, such as landscape architecture services
-Providing access to SFPA’s office for group meetings.