Friends of Jackson Park

Friends of Jackson Park is a stewardship group that has taken on the task of reaching out to neighbors and institutions to build support for the betterment of the park. Through public meetings, fundraising, and volunteer efforts, they are developing a community vision of how best to ensure that Jackson Playground be a safe, thriving, and happy place that meets the neighborhood's needs.

Friends of Jackson Park meets monthly and welcomes any and all interest that neighbors have in improving their park. They can be reached at You can also follow their progress on their Facebook page or Tumblr.

Their hope is that Jackson Park will once again be one of the city's most beautiful and vibrant parks for all generations to enjoy. They are actively committed to ensuring that Jackson Park benefits from and meets the needs of the projected development and growth in Potrero Hill, so that all residents, current and new, have a beautiful, safe, and green space to enjoy nature and outdoor recreation in their neighborhood.

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