Friends of Penny Lane

The Friends of Penny Lane formed 2008 in to make improvements to the public alley known as Penny Lane. They are currently untertaking to improve the Surry Steps. The site of the current project is a right of way between 2 homes on Surrey Street that is a route for dog walkers and strollers cutting through to Penny Lane, a mid block lane recognized as a street park and the subject of previous neighborhood improvement work parties. The change in elevation makes access difficult in wet weather. The land is currently overgrown with cape ivy and seasonal nasturtium. A social path has been long established. In heavy rain a significant stream will develop and wash out spills across the sidewalk. The work will add steps along the line of the existing path, and the rest of the ground will be terraced to help retain the runoff and allow the rain to percolate. See the sketch of the proposed plan to the right. The Department of Public Works has approved the proposal and the community is actively fundraising to pay for improvements.

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