Goettingen Neighbors Group

Goettingen Neighbors Group is dedicated to building community in the Portola neighborhood in San Francisco by talking with our neighbors, cleaning and greening our streets, and being proactive in the neighborhood,  starting with our very own Goettingen Street.  Our current initiative is to beautify the Goettingen Stairs - we will do this through our Goettingen Cascade project. Our plans are to install artful mosaic tiles on the stairs that create the illustion of a waterfull.  The mosiacs will have glow in the dark elements, both to illuminate the stairs and to make them beautiful both day and night.

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The Goettingen Neighbors Group, also know as the GNG, is selling Prize Calendar Tickets now. This is our huge annual fundraiser and we would like you to be a part of this journey with and for us.

The first prize draw is on May 1, 2019.

Prize Calendar Tickets are $20.00 each OR three (3) tickets for $50.00. There is no limit to your purchases.

This fundraiser supports the GNG in our effort to beautify and maintain the hillside and implement a glow-in-the-dark tile design on the public stairs at Dwight and Goettingen Streets in the SF Portola district.

Prize winning Calendar #’s announced daily in the month of May 2019 via our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/337625143973/

Alcohol prize winners must be 21 and over.  If under 21 a random $50 gift card will be subsituted. 

Calendar purchases are not tax deductible. 

GNG members are prohibited from entering the Prize Calendar Fundraiser. 

Contact gngcore@gmail.com for more information.