GreenTrust SF

GreenTrust SF - Central Waterfront exists to establish and cultivate a comprehensive plan with associated financing mechanisms to realize a greener Central Waterfront and improve the community's social and ecological health.

GreenTrust SF goals include:

  • Provide a clear strategic framework for "green investments" to the benefit of the entire neighborhood, thereby avoiding ad hoc, site-specific improvements that don't contribute to a larger vision.
  • Identify, develop, and implement a strategic plan and associated financing mechanisms to improve existing open space in and around the Central Waterfront.
  • Leverage private and public money to establish a permanent fund to maintain and support open space improvements. These improvements may take the form of: enhanced maintenance of existing green space; the development of new community parks and gardens; bio-remediation swales and sidewalk greenings; and/or, full-scale ecosystem remediation.
  • Operate with financial transparency and efficiency with an emphasis on cost-effective and pragmatic solutions.

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