Japanese Tea Garden (Friends of the)

The Friends of the Japanese Tea Garden is a voluteer organization founded to help promote, protect and enhance the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. In commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the Japanese Tea Garden in 2019 and the 150th Anniversary of Golden Gate Park in 2020, San Francisco Parks Alliance, Friends of the Japanese Tea Garden, and the Recreation and Parks Department of San Francisco are collaborating on a $2 million Capitol Campaign to revitalize and restore the Pagoda and the surrounding areas.

The campaign will focus on the following areas in the garden:

  • Restoration of the Pagoda. This iconic feature of the garden was constructed for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915 and brought to the Garden at the fair’s conclusion. Built as an indoor structure, it has not fared well outdoors. It was moved to its present location in 1943 after the Shinto Shrine previously located here was demolished in 1942 at the height of anti-Japanese furor.

  • Stabilization and restoration of the Torii Gate. The Torii Gate was built in 1913 to herald the entrance to the Shinto Shrine. It was removed in 2001 due to structural issues and stored in the maintenance yard.

  • Extensive repair to Long Bridge. As Makoto Hagiwara expanded the Garden westward, he built an elevated, slightly curving bridge to connect the Shinto Shrine area (now Pagoda area) with the Tea Garden in the eastern part of the Garden. Architectural Resources Group, a respected historical preservation and construction firm, will oversee the three restoration, construction, painting and roofing projects listed above.

  • Landscape improvements to the Pagoda Area. A more functional, design-appropriate landscape will slightly expand the fenced area around the Pagoda. With the fence removed this space might function as a gathering place for cultural activities and for special occasions. It would be an important first step in re-building a community of care and support for the Garden. San Francisco Parks Alliance will contract for landscape design services and, with the Recreation and Park Department, will supervise construction and planting.

The city has committed to raising 1.7 million and the Friends of Japanese Tea Garden are committed to raising $300,000. For more information and to donate to the campaign, please visit the campaign website: www.saveourpagoda.com. For questions, please contact: saveourpagoda@gmail.com

To learn more about the history of the tea garden please visit the Timeline page created by one of our members:

Japanese Tea Garden Timeline

Thank you for your support, we can't do it without you!.

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