Jungle Stairs

22nd street Jungle Stairs is on a mission to rehab and beautify the steps on 22nd Street between Diamond & Castro. We are a community led urban improvement landscaping initiative. We see the potential to transform the land around Noe Valley’s 22nd street stairs into an tropical urban oasis. We are a collective of neighbors who love landscape design and gardening and have a vision to turn this neglected section of public land into a beautiful local San Francisco destination. Most importantly we want to extend the “jungle aesthetic” and improve the safety of the stairs. This neglected tract of land is a hidden micro climate that harbors a densely tropical oasis in the middle of the city. With a little love and care we can tame this overgrown beast into an amazing tropical conservatory.


 We will be planting, repairing and maintaining, not clear cutting or removing any live plants. Our desired course of action is:

- Clear debris (garbage, dead foliage & overgrown plants) - Prepare the land, till soil and design areas for growing

- Repair rusted and dilapidated hand rails - Maintain and shape the public land surrounding the stairs

- Plant new trees, shrubs, plants, herbs and veggies

- Increase the lighting for improved night safety

We have assembled 3 teams and are currently seeking volunteers interested in 3 specific areas:

- Funding Procurement Manager: further our stalled progress of appling for a city grant to fund this initiative. Funding would be primarily allocated towards repairing the handrails, terracing the hillside and purchasing plants.

- Urban Gardeners: volunteers who can help clear, rake, carry, dump, till and cultivate this raw urban plot

- Landcape Designers: plan terracing, choose appropriate local plants and procure free, donated or cheap sources of tropical foliage

Besides horticultural education and beautification we hope this effort continues to strengthen our already tight knit community on 22nd Street.

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