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The original 53-year-old, sixteen-foot tower monitor from the Fireboat Phoenix will be incorporated into an urban monument as a permanent memorial to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The Marina Earthquake Memorial will commemorate the Fireboat Phoenix (built in 1954) and the Portable Water Supply System (PWSS - invented in S.F. by Asst. Chief Frank Blackburn (ret.), SFFD, in 1984) that worked together to save the Marina District from a major fire that followed the 1989 Earthquake.

The monument will be placed on an existing plot of grass by the SFFD reserved parking area adjacent to the Marina Green along the S.F. Bay. It will serve as both a tribute to the San Francisco Fire Department’s response and interaction with neighborhood citizens in 1989, and as an educational tool that can show how the PWSS works using water from the SF Bay.

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