Nomad Gardens

A tribute to its tribal historical context, NOMAD is a ‘roaming’ community garden/ art space that will speak to the history and growth of Mission Bay [MB] and its community.

Envisioned by finding beauty in the left over, NOMAD, seeks to enhance the ‘flux’ state of MB by taking advantage of the many open spaces it has to offer.

Because NOMADgardens will be transportable, durable, low maintenance and designed for all to enjoy, the garden can be placed in any ‘available’ parcel of MB and upon the parcels sale, easily transported to its new home.  To mark the community’s efforts, a ‘piece’ of the garden will be donated/planted and incorporated into the design of the new property.

To accommodate the transient nature of the neighborhood, the garden will be designed to accommodate a flux in gardeners, offering yearly and seasonal plots ‘for rent’.

NOMAD acts as seeds of future growth, improving the social fabric of the neighborhood.

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