Services Provided

What services do we provide?

-Provide regular quarterly reporting on account balances and transactions.
-Process all check requests in a timely manner, usually within 10 business days.
-Process all deposits in a timely manner, usually within 10 business days.
-Process all donor acknowledgments in a timely manner, usually within 10 business days.
-Provide a financial audit to comply with grant maker requirements for application and reporting processes.
-Engage independent contractors, as allowed by law, and file necessary federal and state reports.
-Serve as signatory on all contracts, grants or other legal documents.
-Provide ongoing support with project planning and budgeting for the project.
-Provide compliance support to ensure that all relevant federal, state, and local regulations and reporting requirements are followed.
-Provide fundraising guidelines and one fundraising consultation per year.
-Provide letter to prospective grant makers and other relevant parties affirming the relationship between us and the Project.
-Work with Project staff to assure compliance with reporting on grants.
-Provide liability insurance to the Project.
-Provide a page on our website for the Project.
-Provide online donation and credit card processing for your Project.
-Provide advertising for Project events in our print and e-newsletter.

In addition to the services listed above, we may also provide you with the following optional services for an additional fee.

-Provide additional insurance coverage.
-Provide grant writing, campaign oversight, and letter writing services.
-These services are available after an initial consultation.
-Provide webpage design, print publicity materials, brochures and logo design.