Sutro Stewards


The Sutro Stewards was formed to address a unique need in San Francisco, fostering positive relationships between habitat conservation needs and the recreational needs of a dense urban population.

The Sutro Stewards is currently the largest organized independent volunteer pool in San Francisco, equipped for habitat conservation and trail restoration activities on city, state or privately owned properties. Continuing to educate and mobilize this active community is a key element to creating sustainable open space recreational opportunities within our dense urban environment.

The Sutro Stewards has bridged the gap with our award winning volunteer stewardship program which is now ready to begin the challenge of working with multiple county agencies to create a regional park. Through our outreach, the Sutro Stewards can both recruit new members, and promote proper environmental conservation and recreational awareness. This approach provides both short-term assistance through volunteerism and a long-term solution through education, outreach, and the formation of more community stewardship projects.

Already the Mount Sutro project, led by the Sutro Stewards program, has created San Francisco’s first network of multi-use trails within an open space area. The program launched in 2006 and has taken the lead with trails specifically designed and constructed to handle contemporary off road recreation including hiking, running, cycling, and nature observation. These trails have provided the access necessary to implement habitat conservation measures within previously inaccessible areas.

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