Since 2009, The GearUp Fund has provided more than $500,000 for equipment and supplies for newly renovated recreation centers such as:

 Chinese Rec Center Icon

Sports equipment, chairs, tables, desks, and programming supplies


Exercise equipment, music recording and audio visual equipment, chairs, tables, and desks, aquatic recreation and safety equipment.


Tiny Tot play equipment, tables, chairs, microwave.


Art lab computers, scanner,
and printers, art supplies and
equipment, audio visual
equipment, Tiny Tot play
equipment, shelving, chairs,
tables, and desks.


Furniture to serve special events, including tables, chairs, and catering




Sports equipment,
ping pong table, archery
equipment, tables and chairs.



Desks and other furniture, audio-visual equipment, fitness equipment and Tiny Tots equipment.


GearUp has raised $40,000 to outfit the newly-opened Center.