San Francisco Parks Alliance conducts research into the conditions of San Francisco’s urban parks and their relationships with surrounding communities in order to improve the city’s parks and playgrounds. Objective park data and knowledge of community needs foster communication between park users and city agencies about park priorities.

Still Seeking Green
In 2000, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly supported a park spending measure that was supposed to fund parks over the long term. It hasn’t quite worked out as promised. This research brief looks at park funding since the Open Space Fund set-aside was passed, and finds that our parks continue to lose out in the City's budget process. See highlights and download a copy of the report >>

Economic Benefits Report
In 2014, the Parks Alliance partnered with the Trust for Public Land on a report detailing the economic benefits of San Francisco's parks and recreation system. The Trust for Public Land has studied a number of city park systems since 2008, and of all the systems studied, San Francisco derives the most benefit from its park system -- approaching $1 billion each year. See highlights and download a copy of the report >>

Playground Report Card
Every two years, SFPA staff and volunteers fan out to playgrounds across San Francisco and evaluate them for safety and maintenance. In 2014, SFPA re-assessed all playgrounds that received a C, D or F grade in our 2012 Report Card, as part of our work as a co-convener of the Failing Playgrounds Task Force established by the 2012 Parks Bond.

Policy and Legislative Positions
The Board of the San Francisco Parks Alliance takes public positions on park- and open space-related issues and ballot measures. Depending on the urgency and controverisal nature of an issue, the Policy Committee of the Board will either take a support or oppose position on behalf of the entire organization, or the entire Board may discuss and vote on a proposed position. In developing its legislative and policy positions, the Board and Executive Director rely on staff research and input from the Park Policy Council, striving always for a data-driven, consistent and collaborative approach that is consistent with our organizational values and mission.

Launched in 2003, the Parkscan web site allowed park users an easy way to document park safety or maintenance issues and bring them to the attention of the City and their elected representatives. Now, the Parks Alliance is transitioning Parkscan to conduct regular reporting on park safety and maintenance issues. 

RPD Commission Hearings and Task Forces
SFPA attends RPD Commission Hearings, testifying on important park issues. An SFPA staff member is also an active member of park related task forces and work groups. A partial list of task forces that SFPA has participated includes: the Mayor’s Open Space 2100 Task Force, the Restroom Task Force, the Community Opportunity Fund Task Force, the 2008 Parks Bond Taskforce, 2012 Parks Bond Taskforce, and the Synthetic Playfields Task Force.