Parkscan was founded in 2003 as a web site where park users could report safety and maintenance issues. Though it was highly innovative when it was launched, in recent years the shift to mobile apps has led the Parkscan web service to become less relevant. In early 2014, the Parks Alliance Board approved a staff recommendation to transition our Parkscan web function to the City's award-winning 311 service center to report on and analyze park issues.

When this transition is complete, SFPA policy staff will continue to monitor 311 and compile regular reports on user-generated park safety or maintenance concerns to preserve the transparency on these issues that we initiated with Our most recent Parkscan data report covers 2011; SFPA staff are currently working on updating 2012 and 2013 reports that combine 311-reported park issues with those reported using the Parkscan web site. Beginning in 2014, SFPA will compile and report on park maintenance and safety issues using the City's 311-reported data.

To learn more about 311 services, you can visit the City's 311 web site or download the mobile app. 311 services are also available by dialing 311 from anywhere within San Francisco (415-701-2311 outside of the City).