Street Parks

Community Greening  Convert unused land into public gardens through Street Parks

Street Parks is a partnership between the Parks Alliance and San Francisco Public Works (SFPW) to support the development and maintenance of community-managed open spaces on SFPW and other publically owned properties. The Parks Alliance leverages its experience in community organizing, open-space managment, and volunteer coordination to help neighborhood groups beautify and activate public land on street medians, unused lots, and hillsides.

While each site is unique, in general, you need to follow these steps:

Get Started
-Read the Street Parks Guidelines
-Submit a Street Parks Application - we'll contact you to schedule a meeting when we receive it.
Download the Street Parks application

Meet with the Parks Alliance and SFPW at your site (SFPW must approve your site before you make improvements).

Develop a Plan
-Attend a free organizing seminar with your neighbors to develop a plan.
-Create a drawing of your proposed improvements.
-Develop a plant list. (See a recommended plant list.)
-Create a budget.

Share your plan with the neighborhood through community meetings or flyers. Get your permits and plans approved by the Bureau of Urban Forestry (one month turnaround).

Raise Money
-Apply for fiscal sponsorship.
-Apply for funding.

Break Ground
-Host a volunteer workday at your garden.
-Spread the word about your project in our newsletter.

We have annual events, volunteers, free seminars and funding to help you get your garden started. Contact us at - we're here to help, every step of the way.