Give and Keep Your Home

How can I give my home and keep it, too?

A charitable life estate agreement allows you to give a personal residence or farm to San Francisco Parks Alliance while retaining the right to live there for life.

Donors who enter a life estate agreement receive an immediate income tax deduction. The deduction is based on the present value of the home discounted by the estimated length of time the charity must wait to receive the home. To put it simply, a person age 70 will receive a larger deduction than will a person age 50, all other things being equal.

The IRS grants the deduction even though the donor continues to enjoy full use of the home. But the IRS also expects the owner to have full responsibility for the care and maintenance of the home. That's why life tenancy agreements simply continue things as they are, with the donor paying for maintenance, property taxes, insurance and the like. The major benefits to the donor, then, are continued use of the home, an immediate charitable income tax deduction, the avoidance of probate, the avoidance of estate tax on the property, and the satisfaction of making a substantial gift to San Francisco Parks Alliance during one's lifetime.

For further information contact the SFPA Development Office at 415.621.3260.

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